How Much Weight Loss Is Healthy in a Month?

How Much Weight Loss Is Healthy in a Month? This is a burning question for who are facing overweight or obesity problem. The answer will different in persons but the average rate is 4 to 8 or 10 pounds in a month. There are some resulting factors. So knowing the factors and results you have to read the article fully.

Some people may say 20 lbs in 4 weeks can possible, but here we aren’t really not say. What we say that all are realistic process and results. So it all about numbers and calculation. Take your calculator and calculate with us.

How Much Weight Loss Is Healthy in a Month?

Start Calculations: In four weeks or one month, you may anticipate losing 8 to ten lbs if you follow very hard and restrict plan including diet chart. 1 pound weight loss is equivalent to remove 3500 calories(approx). If you want to drop 2 pounds per week then you have to lose 1000 calories per day.

So, cutting this amount of calories daily is a hard but calculative task. So, you have to work out more for extra calories stored in your body or take less diet in daily meal. But, I suggest do both in a perfect combination after calculating the number of calories will deduct from body.

Weight Loss in a month
Weight Loss in a month.                                                                                                    bruce mars

Cutting 1000 colories is quite hard. But, if you follow some diet hacks then it will very easy. So, start it first from your kitchen. Plan a proper diet where your belly fill full and get proper nutrients but fewer calories diet.  If think of your daily meal items like a piece of cake, a banana, bread, jelly, meats, cheese, and many others. Then calculate all calories and measure individually. So now you can easily remove items one by one, like remove a piece of cake, a banana, or extra bread taking amount. Applying this strategy instantly cut 100 to 200 calories from your daily meal.

Some Other Factors:

Calorie burning is different based on weightsex, age, how fastly anyone can exercise or workout, how long you effectively continue the workout. In below provide an example of weighing 150 pounds person calories burning status:

  • 20 minutes running on a treadmill about 6 MPH: 232 Calories
  • On elliptical workout for 30 minutes: 178 Calories
  • For 30 minutes of breast-strokes swimming: 191 Calories
  • For 30 minutes kickboxing: 359 Calories

Best advise is ” Eat less, move more”. This sounds like simple words but this is the main key factor. The “American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics” says a man can’t ever take less than 1800 calories per day and a woman can’t ever take less than 1200 calories per day.

Lifestyle Factors of Weight Loss

Your exercise habits, daily diet, stress condition(daily) all are factors and causes of losing weight. Your body stores fat when you are in stress. Because stress increases the number of cortisol levels. Your diet is almost 80% accounts for losing fat, so keep it accountable scale.

If your diet habit is bad then not any workout can reduce weight effectively. So, above every and each factor are reasonable for the progress even break of progress.

Weight Loss Myths | Sabotage Weight Loss

Never take carbohydrate because it makes anyone fat:

In recent times, the low carb and no carb diet become more popular and it established a myth that all carbs are bad for health. And, it makes the body fatter. But, the reality is carbohydrates are necessary for health and good combination of carbohydrates strong metabolism rate. So, eat carbohydrate in a moderate way is best for losing weight.

Weight loss in a month
Weight loss in a month.

Complex carbohydrates like sugar and white flour are bad for health and avoid these carbohydrates is the best choice for losing weight. There are also some low-calorie complex carbs like brown rice, beans but high amount of fiber. The items store fibers which are a perfect combination for losing weight.

Whole grains and many vegetable carbohydrate stores in the high amount of starches and carbs. As well as they also provide very important vitamins, help digestion and hope of possibilities of some diseases. Also, researchers have found that a high carbs breakfast is very helpful and smart strategy to lose weight.

How Much Weight Loss Is Healthy in a Month? | Myths Vs Reality


Myth: If you skip meals, you will lose weight.

Reality:  It seems logical, but it never works. Instead, skip meals intend to gain weight. Many studies result shown, that who are taking the meal in breakfast can lose weight faster rather than who misses. If longer time periods we do not eat then our hunger is increased as well as the increased rate of weight loss portion. It increases sugar levels and also increases hormone which is the fact of hunger. When you should eat, but if you miss, then later it may cause more hungry feeling. So, easily anyone can take extra food.

The level of glucose is fluctuating and misses meal can affect the metabolism rate. So, skip meals can easily harm your weight loss process instead of doing the opposite. So that, take small five or six meals all around the day instead of skipping meals


Myth: Weight loss is harder than keeping it.

Reality: The reality and fact are actually the opposite. Because once you lose weight then it harder to keep maintain it. Actually, many of us think that now we are slim enough and not worry about lifestyle. So, they randomly and rapidly change their lifestyles. They, eat more, sleep more, eat junk foods and do less workout. But, that actually falls them in trap gradually.

So, one should adopt a healthy lifestyle as well as maintain good food habits(eg. salad, vegetables etc). All the above factor should concern to lose weight.

Weight loss in a month
Weight loss in a month.                               Gesina Kunkel

Myth: Fat-free means calorie-free.

Reality: This is the most common myth among peoples. But, this is common sense, that if any food is fat-free but it never calorie-free. Because the food also contains other food items which definitely contain calorie. To make any product fat-free companies add some additional ingredients like sugar, flour, flavors to make it tasty. Which ingredients actually make the product more calorie food. So, before buying any fat-free product make sure it’s nutrient values and count calorie.

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